Staff and associates of Christian J. Stewart Consulting have gained considerable experience and expertise in the development of Internet and Intranet solutions, particularly those focused on or dealing with issues pertaining to the coastal zone, environmental related topics and social science issues.  This includes the development of Internet mapping and data visualization solutions, as well as the development of project related web pages for large multi-disciplinary investigations.

Internet based project examples include:

Coastal Data Portal, Grays Harbor County, Washington

Working with Pacific International Engineering and Pangaea Information Technologies, CJS assisted in the development of a web-based information management system that will allow access to complex scientific data, reports, and mapping by members of the Washington State Coastal Communities, and other interest groups along the Washington State shoreline. Visit the portal web site at:

Great Lakes Navigation System ReviewWeb Site Development, Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Navigation System Review 
Christian J. Stewart Consulting was responsible for the initial design of a web page containing comprehensive information on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Navigation Study, which is being carried out by staff of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District and other agencies. The study, which was authorized by the 1999 Water Resources Development Act, will examine the feasibility of undertaking capital improvements to the Great Lakes Navigation System. A new web site has since been developed for the Study and can be found at: 

National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration ProgramWeb Site Development, Section 227 National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program

Christian J. Stewart Consulting assisted staff of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Lab in Vicksburg, Mississippi with the initial development of an internet based database of innovative shoreline protection structures in place in coastal areas of the United States. The work is being carried out under the National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program - (Section 227) of the Army Corps of Engineers.  The web site has been redesigned since it's inception and can now be
found HERE.

Lower Great Lakes Erosion StudyWeb Site Development, Lower Great Lakes Erosion Study
CJS has had primary responsibility for the initial design of this web site which features a range of information on a scientific and engineering study being undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District along the shorelines of Lake Erie and Ontario. Mr. Stewart was responsible for all graphics development, document conversion and the creation of a "virtual tour" of the shoreline featuring photographs and detailed site descriptions of 30 site study areas.  This site is currently offline.

Lake Michigan Potential Damages StudyWeb Site Development, Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study

CJS had primary responsibility for the initial design and maintenance of this web site which features a range of information on a scientific and engineering study being undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The site features a wealth of information on complex scientific and engineering studies being undertake and includes a document clearinghouse as well as on-line PowerPoint presentations. This site is now managed by USACE staff and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Zambezi Wetlands Information Management System (Z-WIMS)
Z-WIMS is an Internet based mapping and multi-media information system designed for IUCN (The World Conservation Union). The system allows users such as project managers, funding agencies, stakeholders and the public, query the extensive database and view IUCN activities across the entire Zambezi River Basin. Users can select to view interactive web maps, videos, photographs, reports, articles and newsletters, all relating to work in the Zambezi River Basin of Southern Africa.

1999 Canadian Coastal Conference Web Site, Victoria BC 
Organized and chaired the bi-annual conference of the Canadian Coastal Science and Engineering Association. Involved 90 participants from across Canada and the United States, as well as a number of international delegates. Organization activities included paper scheduling and coordination, editing and assembly of conference proceedings, accommodation, facility and meal coordination, budgeting, preparation of announcements and advertising and other host activities. Also responsible for the development and maintenance of the conference web site.

QuikMap Technologies Inc. Internet Site Design and Maintenance 
CJS was involved in the design and maintence of the Quikmap Technologies web site, which includes a GIS Portal containing a wealth of information about GIS.  Downloads of trial versions of the Quikmap GIS Viewer are also available on the site.


Development of an Internet Based Employee Survey, Santa Clara County, California Social Services Agency
In cooperation with a Sacramento, CA survey research firm, developed and administered an on-line survey of approximately 800 employees in the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency's Department of Family and Children's Services. The survey results will assist the department in evaluating it's long term programs, internal structures and future directions. Survey results are automatically submitted through the web interface directly into an MS-ACCESS database for later analysis.

Web Site Development, Walter R.McDonald and Associates ( 
Responsible for initial web site development between 1999-2000 including graphics for this health and human services consulting firm located in Sacramento, California. 



Development of Internet Based Community Employer Survey, City of Surrey, Langley and Richmond, B.C
CJS assisted in the development and conduction of an internet based market research survey of pertinent labour market information from businesses in the B.C. communities of Surrey, White Rock, North Delta, Richmond and Langley for Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). A unique component of the survey was the development and application of a World Wide Web questionnaire that was administered to those businesses with Internet capabilities, and the creation of a fully searchable database of survey results and associated reports that will be available to the public through the Internet. The project also involved the development of an internal Community Employer System, developed in FoxPro, that will allow HRDC staff to conduct detailed queries and reports on the survey data.

Development of Internet Based Lower Occupational Survey, Lower Mainland Regions of HRDC 
Similar to the Community Employer Survey, this project involved the development of a web based survey and related Internet searchable database of Occupational Profile information. An internal MS-Access database was also developed for the use of HRDC staff in developing detailed Occupational Profiles





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