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Christian J. Stewart Consulting
provides professional management consulting services to the coastal and environmental sectors in the specialized areas of:

Coastal Zone and Ocean Management 
Geographic Information Systems and 
Database Design
Internet Services and On-Line Mapping 
and Database Applications

Since it's formation in the late 1980's, the company has dealt with a number of land use, land management, engineering and natural resource issues facing various interest groups along the shoreline and has contributed to the solution of many complex problems facing individuals, businesses and government agencies who live in, work on, or deal with the coastal zone. A major regional focus of the company has been the North American Great Lakes, where studies have been carried out on water level fluctuations and impacts,  erosion processes, flood and erosion damages, shoreline protection, shoreline management, emergency response, and GIS application and development. Recent focus has been on the development of comprehensive coastal zone databases and GIS mapping products for a range of coastal data including shoreline classification, land use, land use trends, and shoreline protection. 

The company prides itself on the provision of a high degree of dedication to an individual project and a commitment to quality, accuracy and efficiency in the delivery of the final product. For larger projects where additional expertise may be required, staff of the company participate effectively as part of a team, or as the team leader - conducting overall project coordination and providing the client and other team members with a single point of reference for information relating to a specific project.

The company is striving to develop a larger international focus and is looking forward to formulating, directing, synthesizing and evaluating investigations of the many multidisciplinary coastal issues being faced in other regions of the world.



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