A fundamental aspect of coastal research is the collection of thorough and accurate baseline information through the conduction of structured shoreline surveys and coastal inventories. Be it information on shore type and extent, damage or potential damage, behavior and knowledge of coastal user groups, or monitoring of coastal change, surveys play an integral role in the gathering of such data. Staff and Associates of Christian J. Stewart Consulting have participated in a number of shoreline survey projects and can offer a variety of services in this regard, including: 

Shoreline Classification and Mapping
Beach Profile Surveys
Shore Damage Surveys
Sediment Sampling and Analysis
Photographic and Video Surveys/Inventory
User Surveys

Project examples include:

Coastal assessment and evaluation of 30 site specific study areas, Lake Erie and Ontario shorelines, Lower Great Lakes Erosion Study;
Inventory and Mapping of Shoreline Protection Structures, Lake Michigan Shoreline;
Development of a Great Lakes Shoreline Classification Scheme and Associated Mapping of Shore Type and Extent;
Conduction of Aerial and Ground Based Shore Damage Surveys, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and Western Lake Erie;
Development of Aerial Shoreline Damage Assessment Procedures for Post-Storm Damage Assessment of Great Lakes Shorelines;
Beach Profile Surveying and Monitoring, Long Point, Lake Erie and Wasaga Beach, Georgian Bay;
Recreational Boating User Survey, Trent-Severn Waterway, Ontario;
Inventory and Assessment of Underwater Geological Features, Fathom Five National Marine Park;
Design and Conduction of a Shore Property Owner Interview Questionnaire, Long Point, Lake Erie;
Inventory and Assessment of Shoreline Management Practices Utilized Along Great Lakes Shorelines;
Design and Conduction of a Lake Superior Canadian Commercial and Industrial Shore Property Survey.




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