Planning of site specific development along the shoreline requires the investigation of a number of multi-faceted issues and a thorough investigation and analysis of associated impacts. Whether you are planning a major residential, recreational, or industrial development, or simply wanting to build a small shore protection structure to guard your property against flood or erosion damages, staff and associates of Christian J. Stewart Consulting can assist in a number of areas including:

Development Feasibility Studies
Land Use Mapping and Assessment
Coastal Carrying Capacity Determinations
Coastal and Environmental Impact Assessment
Shore Protection Impact Assessment
Construction Permitting and Approvals

Recent project examples include:

Coastal Process Study and Breakwater Impact Assessment, Jackson's Point, Lake Simcoe;
A Review of Recreational and Developmental Carrying Capacity in Coastal Environments;
An Examination of the Physical and Economic Impacts of Fluctuating Water Levels on Commercial and Industrial Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin;
Reviewed and Assessed Potential Environmental Impacts of Proposed Residential and Industrial Developments, City of Guelph, Ontario.




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