The natural processes that occur in the coastal zone, combined with the activities of man, create the potential for a wide range of impacts to both the natural environment of the coast, as well as to any man-made features that are present. Similarly, construction and development in sensitive coastal areas can have severe impacts on coastal landforms, coastal processes and to coastal terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Staff and Associates of Christian J. Stewart Consulting offer a range of services that can assist with the examination of such impacts.

These include:

Flood and Erosion Damage Surveys and Analysis
Shoreline Protection Inventories and Impact Assessment
Waterfront Development Impact Assessment
Wildlife and Habitat Impact Assessment
Sea-Level Rise and Water Level Change Impact Analysis
Socio-Economic Impact Assessment
Recreation and Tourism Impact Assessment

Project Examples Include:

An Analysis of the Impact of Water Level Changes on Great Lake Shoreline Recession Rates;
An Examination of the Physical and Economic Impacts of Fluctuating Water Levels on Commercial and Industrial Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin;
An Investigation of the Impacts of Fluctuating Water Levels on Residential Interests, Great Lakes Water Level Reference Study;
Coastal Process Study and Breakwater Impact Assessment, Jackson's Point, Lake Simcoe;
Discussion Paper on the Impacts of Shore Protection Measures on the Coastal Environment;
Inventory and Impact Assessment of Shoreline Management Practices Along the Great Lakes Shoreline;
Observations of Past and Present Shoreline Damage on Western Lake Erie Following a December 1, 1986 Storm.




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