Christian J. Stewart Consulting provides professional  consulting services in the specialized areas of shoreline management, coastal planning and analysis, flood and erosion hazard studies, applied coastal geomorphology and coastal and environmental impact assessment.


Shoreline Management
Coastal Planning and Analysis
Flood & Erosion Hazard Studies
Coastal Impact Assessment
Applied Geomorphology
Geographic Information Systems
Policy Analysis & Development
Coastal Recreation & Tourism
Shoreline Surveys
Shoreline Protection Studies

Our staff and associates have dealt with a number of land use, land management, engineering and natural resource issues facing interest groups along the shoreline and have contributed to the solution of many complex problems facing individuals, businesses and government agencies who live in, work on, or deal with the coastal zone. A major regional focus of the company has been the North American Great Lakes, where studies have been carried out on water level fluctuations and impacts, erosion processes, flood and erosion damages, shoreline protection, shoreline management and emergency preparedness and planning.



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